Tamron Hall Decries Use Of Military As Pawns . . . . While Standing In Front Of Military Jet

February 23rd, 2012 9:44 AM

In an MSNBC "Lean Forward" promo aired on today's Morning Joe, Tamron Hall says she's been upset and saddened by the use of patriotism and military families as political pawns.

So where did Hall station herself for purposes of the spot?  Why, in front of an A-4 Skyhawk military jet!  As she so often does during her on-air appearances, Hall also spoke of her background as member of a military family.  Speaking of using the military as a pawn, have you ever heard Hall or any of her MSNBC cohorts criticize President Obama for staging shots like the one seen [along with the Lean Forward video] after the jump?

Watch Hall's interesting choice of a locale to rail against the exploitation of the military as props!

TAMRON HALL: It used to upset me, now it makes me sad, to see people use patriotism and our troops as a pawn in their political argument.  Because I know personally, growing up in a military family, the sacrifice that is made on a daily basis.  The troops aren't red and blue. They're not black and white. They're not male and female.  They are Americans! When they put their uniforms on, they are Americans.  And that's a fact.