Sharpton On Penn State: 'Muckary' We Much

The Penn State scandal couldn't be more serious.  Can't MSNBC find someone more serious than Al Sharpton to comment on it?

On his show this evening, Sharpton had another language run-in reminiscent of his "resist we much" moment.  This time, Sharpton mangled the name of Mike McQueary, the suspended Penn State assistant coach.   Sharpton rumbled, bumbled and stumbled before eventually pronouncing it "Muckary." Video after the jump.

Check out Sharpton's latest struggle with the English language.

AL SHARPTON: We lead tonight with breaking news in the horrific child sex-abuse scandal at Penn State. Late this afternoon, news about the assistant coach, who told a grand jury that he witnessed the boy being raped in the shower at Penn State football locker room, but failed to stop it.  His name is Mike, is Mike, uh, Muckary, who, uh, whuh, has been allowed to continue as a coach until now.

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