Unable To Produce More Cain Evidence, Politico's Allen Brags Of Big Number of 'Twitter Mentions'

"This is the biggest single Twitter controversy of the campaign.  48,000 mentions!"

That was Mike Allen doing his best "look--a squirrel!" dodge on today's Morning Joe.  Pressed by Joe Scarborough as to whether Politico had any more details beyond its story's vague allegation that Herman Cain had made gestures "that were not overtly sexual but that made women uncomfortable," Allen's telling first instinct was to point to the story's popularity on a social networking site. Video after the jump.

Allen subsequently recycled Jonathan Martin's already-stated claim that Cain had invited a woman up to his hotel room. But he was unable to cite a single additional fact.  Throughout his appearance, Allen had the air of an over-caffeinated campaign aide to an opposing candidate believing he was onto a story that could crush Cain.

Watch Allen's weak diversionary effort.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mike Allen, you had Cain defenders yesterday seizing upon a line that Politico wrote about gestures made by Cain toward these women that were, quote, non-sexual in nature.  Just to confirm you have evidence as well of sexually inappropriate behavior?

MIKE ALLEN: What the women said was that he said things that made people feel uncomfortable in that way.  This story clearly resonated with people. There's an estimate out there that this is the biggest single Twitter controversy of the campaign.  48,000 mentions of Herman Cain on Twitter yesterday.  That's more than the mention of any Republican candidate ever.

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