David Gregory: Republicans Have 'Harsh Stance' On Immigration Reform

Did David Gregory realize just how much he was letting down the mask and revealing his liberal bias?   On today's "Meet The Press,"  Gregory stated as a simple declarative fact that Republicans have a "harsh stance" on immigration reform.

Did Gregory simply forget the "some say" fig leaf so favored by the MSM?  Or is the MTP moderator so lost in the liberal media cocoon that he can't imagine anyone disagreeing with his assertion that the GOP view is "harsh"?  View the video after the jump.

Gregory laid his charge at the feet of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in the guise of questioning whether a Republican presidential candidate could carry the state given the rise in the number of Hispanic voters.  McDonnell made a strong case that the Republican candidate will indeed carry Virginia, though he regrettably failed to refute Gregory's allegation that the GOP stance on immigration reform is "harsh."

Watch Gregory parrot a Dem attack point as fact.

DAVID GREGORY: Governor McDonnell: immigration. Your state, as you well know, has a big increase, almost 19% since 2008, in Hispanic voters who are now voting age.  This was a state that the president carried. If you look at the party's stance--a harsh stance on immigration reform--do you see him recarrying, on carrying Virginia again based in part on the reaction of Hispanic voters around the country to Republicans on immigration?

BOB MCDONNELL: No I don't.  I think the president's way under water. The last poll, 39% approval rating.  I carried the state by 18%, three new congressman elected last year.  I don't see it happening. I do think that Hispanic voters, while they lean toward the Democratic party, are largely self-identified as conservatives.  I think we have a great chance to reach them, because our message on job creation, economic development, restoration of the American dream, is exactly why people come here in the first place, because we are this shining city on a hill. And that's going to be our message over the next 14 months.


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