Kinsley Claims 'Too Fat' Christie Lacks Self-Control To Be President

Is Michael Kinsley sure he wants to go down this path?

In a Bloomberg View column and then in a clip run on "Good Morning America" today, the liberal pundit claims Chris Christie is "just too fat" to be president.  According to Kinsley, Christie's weight is evidence of a lack of the self-control necessary to be an effective president.

If self-control is a key requirement for the presidency, I wonder how Kinsley would apply that standard to other recent occupants of the White House?  GMA video after the jump.

I'll be back with a transcript. But in the meantime, if Christie never met a cheeseburger he didn't like, what about Bill Clinton, who never could say no to a, well, you know.  For that matter, consider the current prez.  Michelle has claimed he's quit smoking, but as recently as last year his doctor said that he'd been unable to shake the pernicious habit.  I guess W must be a Kinsley hero, considering he had the self-control to quit drinking cold turkey at age 40.  Reagan and H.W. were famously fit.  Where do they rank in the Kinsley presidential pantheon?  

Bottom line: go away, Kinsley, and take your tofu curd with you!


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