Good Morning America Making Fat Cracks About Christie?

Was it just coincidence that of all the ways "Good Morning America" could have reported that Republicans are urging Chris Christie to get into the presidential race, the ABC show today spoke--twice--of Christie being "heavily" urged to run?  Throw in GMA describing Christie supporters opining that the other candidates are "too small" for the job.  Oh, and the show's decision to roll extended, less-than-flattering footage of Christie walking across an airport tarmac to greet President Obama.  

Makes you wonder whether this was the opening salvo of an ABC attack on Christie's avoirdupois. Of course, such cheap shots have a history of back-firing. Just ask ex-NJ Governor Jon Corzine. Video after the jump.

View the video and judge whether all the allusions to Christie's weight were just a coincidence.

JOHN HENDREN: Perry's implosion is just the latest sign of chaos in the Republican presidential field. A disarray so complete that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is now being heavily pressured to run . . . Christie supporters are arguing that the job may be big but the declared candidates are too small.

. . .

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Really, what's obviously happening is that people are looking at the current crop [extended less-than-flattering footage begins to roll of Christie walking across an airport tarmac] and there still are people who are dissatisfied. And there are others who are saying it's not too late for others to get in. And even on this program not so long ago we had panelists saying that they were hearing that Chris Christie is being heavily implored to jump in.

Two different reporters, both using "heavily" to describe the way in which Christie is being urged to get into the race?  Such a coincidence!  Throw in the line about other candidates being "too small" and the unflattering footage, and it makes you wonder.

Note also ABC White House correspondent John Hendren's gleeful description of Republican "chaos" and "disarray."  Another way of looking at it is that President Obama is so weak and vulnerable that people who otherwise planned to wait till 2016 are now tempted to get into the race.



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