Harold Ford, Jr.: Obama 'Greatest Orator The Office Has Ever Known'

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address?  FDR's  day of infamy and nothing to fear but fear itself? JFK's ask not? Reagan's Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall?  Meh.  Not bad I suppose, but nothing compared with Barack Obama's immortal rhetoric, such as when he proclaimed, uh, like, when he intoned, that is . . .

On today's Morning Joe, the unctuous Harold Ford, Jr. went into sycophantic overdrive, telling White House press secretary Jay Carney that President Obama is "the greatest orator that the office has ever known." Video after the jump.

Watch, and hail Harold's monumental suck-up.  

HAROLD FORD, JR.: Specifically, you have the business community say they want more certainty around regulations and taxes, they hope that will stimulate demand, incur jobs. You've heard commentaries and other pundits say "what's passable?" So thinking about those two, what can we expect to hear?--and I think the president's the greatest orator that the office has ever known.

Bonus video: Mika admits that PBO's "efforts over the last several years have fallen flat."  And Mike Barnicle says that in deference to his speech, President Obama should have instructed the NFL to delay the start of tonight's season-opening game. Note: Mika's comments actually preceded Ford's. Video edited to put Harold's laughable assertion first.




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