Mika: 'Morning Joe' Being Pressured To Invite More Pro-Obama Flacks


Jay Carney admits calling MSNBC yesterday to complain about Mark Halperin's crack [that we were first to report] that the President, at his Wednesday press conference, acted like a "d--k."  Did the White House press secretary take the opportunity of his call to pressure the show to bring on more pro-Obama flacks?

The question arises because on today's show, Mika Brzezinski revealed that "we're getting hit a lot lately for not bringing on people who speak on behalf of the White House and really stick up for the President."

There was something surreal about Mika's statement.  When she broached the subject of balance, I was sure she was going to say that complaints were coming from Republicans about the paucity of GOP/conservative guests on the show.  After all, as Joe Scarborough pointed out moments later, when the show researched its guest list, it found a stunning 10:1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans!  

But apparently that isn't good enough for those Obamaites.  They want more Dems, and above all, more pro-Obama sycophants.   So, Jay Carney, was it you who was kvetching?

Watch this reality-turned-upside-down clip.

Mika was clearly trying to convince her pro-Obama friends that the show did indeed have plenty of guests who support the President. She began by asking super-lib professor Jeffrey Sachs if he was a supporter of the President and had voted for him.  Sachs confirmed he did, but added that he's been disappointed by Obama's lack of "clarity."  Mika then turned to John Heilemann of New York magazine, with a question that assumed that he too had voted for PBO.  Mika was surely disappointed when Heilemann said he had not voted in the presidential election.  Later, Mika did her best to appease those pushing for more Obama flacks, pleading with Sachs to say "what you think the President's doing right."

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