ABC Mocks Gingrich: 'Accidentally' Splices Shot Of Newt Into Story On Study Of Attractive People

What better way for ABC to kick off its weekend news coverage than by mocking the physical appearance of a Republican presidential candidate?   That's apparently what someone at Good Morning America was thinking today.  

As co-host Dan Harris opened the show by teasing an upcoming story about a study suggesting that allowing one's spouse to gawk at others they find attractive is good for the relationship, footage of . . . Newt Gingrich suddenly appeared on screen.

Harris made as if it were a mistake: "and no, not Newt Gingrich."

View video after the jump.

DAN HARRIS: All right: husbands, go get your wives.  There's an important story you're going to want to see this morning. There's a new study out that says--get this--you should not only allow your spouse but encourage them to gawk at other people [footage of Newt suddenly appears on screen]--and no, not Newt Gingrich.  People they find attractive. There is some serious science behind this story and we're going to tell you exactly how it might be better for your relationship.

See below the shot of Newt GMA displayed, and a screengrab of weekend co-hosts Bianna Golodryga and Dan Harris having a good laugh at Newt's expense. 


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