Mika Makes Excuses For Vile WI Signs—Till She Sees Them

Mika Brzezinski learned a life lesson this morning: look before you leap to defend liberals . . . [h/t reader Ray R]

At the top of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough referenced the hateful emails he and Mika had received from the left and the similarly ugly signs held by Wisconsin union protesters.  Mika reflexively defended the vileness, saying that people were "hurting and really don't feel like they're being heard."

Aww.  But later, the show rolled video of some of the Wisconsin signs, including one with crosshairs on Gov. Walker, another calling him Hitler, one accusing him of rape, and of course that great old standard "death to tyrants."

To her credit, Mika did change her tune.  View video after the jump.

Admitting that she hadn't previously seen those signs, Mika agreed with Joe that if Tea Partiers held up something similar, "they'd be on a [MSM] loop."

View the video and watch Mika's change of heart as she runs headlong into the hard reality of what's happening in Wisconsin.

Note: this is my first item after my recent move to Texas.  Back online now.  Lone Star regards to our NewsBusters readers!

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