Race Card: Schultz Claims Republicans Have 'Pre-Civil Rights Attitude' On ObamaCare

January 19th, 2011 7:29 PM

If Barack Obama is going to win re-election, he's going to have to count on massive, overwhelming, support from his base.  And what better way to gin up that base than by accusing Republicans of Jim Crow racism?

Rush Limbaugh played an amazing montage today of a series of Dems using the "discrimination" talking point in describing Republican opposition to ObamaCare.  Ed Schultz took the notion a giant step further on his MSNBC show this evening, flatly claiming that GOP opposition amounts to a "pre-civil rights attitude."  Got that, base?  Opposing ObamaCare = George Wallace at the schoolhouse door.  Welcome to the new era of civility!

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Watch Schultz shamelessly play to people's worst fears.

ED SCHULTZ: The Republicans basically, as I see it, have a pre-civil rights attitude when it comes to health care. They want to deny, they've already repealed, they want to deny, they want to openly discriminate against people because they're sick. That's what today's vote was all about.  They want to tell people, well, we're going to favor the insurance companies instead of you.  They're going to tell young people with this vote that no, you can't be on your parents' policy. You can't do it.  It's discrimination is what it is. They are taking away the opportunity of Americans to get health care with their attitude.  This takes us back to the '60s!  They want to deny. They want to deny people an opportunity to get better. They want to exclude.  They want a two-class society.