Swiping At Sarah As 'Ignorant', It's Bernstein Who Looks Befuddled

Paging Dr. Ron Reagan, Jr. . . .

On Morning Joe today, Carl Bernstein insisted Sarah Palin was "ignorant," but couldn't remember why.  When pressed, he claimed she didn't know where Russia was.  Oops.

Bernstein began by denouncing Palin as a "demagogue."  When Joe Scarborough asked him why he had written a column branding Palin as "ignorant" the day after McCain announced her as his running mate, Bernstein simply couldn't remember. At a loss for words, Carl claimed "she didn't know where the hell" Russia was on a map.

Watch the video after the jump and note Mike Barnicle's mortified reaction to Bernstein's bumble.

Palin in fact had no problems with her geography.  As even Anderson Cooper admitted, you really can see Russia, as Palin had said, from parts of Alaska.

Watch Bernstein's somewhat senior moment.


CARL BERNSTEIN: I think it's to time cover her, it's time to cover her as a demagogue.

. . .

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You didn't like her before you knew her!


SCARBOROUGH: You were critical of her the day after she was selected.

BERNSTEIN: The day after I wrote a piece saying that John McCain had picked someone who was ignorant.

. . .

SCARBOROUGH: What did she say immediately upon being selected as Vice-President that would have you term her as, quote, ignorant?

BERNSTEIN: Um, I'd have to go back and look at what it was that led some of people in your party to say this really is who she is, that she doesn't know--I think part of it had to do was not knowing where the Soviet Union, where the former Soviet Union was, and where Russia was, as I remember.  She didn't know where the hell it was on a map.

SCARBOROUGH: I don't remember that.

BERNSTEIN: You don't?


BERNSTEIN: There were some problems of geography, as I recall.


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