ABC Finds Palin Korea Mix-up Newsworthy

When candidate Obama bragged of campaigning in 57 states, or Pres. Obama suggested that the national language of Austria is "Austrian," we all remember how ABC flaunted those embarrassing flubs.  Or not.

But let Sarah Palin momentarily mention North rather than South Korea as our ally, and ABC finds it newsworthy.  Check out the video after the jump, containing the news scroll from today's Good Morning America.

By the way, as Ben Smith has pointed out at Politico, Palin actually correctly identified South Korea as our ally earlier in her Glenn Beck radio interview.

GMA SCROLL: Sarah Palin accidentally mixes up North and South Korea during radio interview, calling North Korea a US ally.

Given ABC's acknowledgement that the mix-up was made "accidentally," what possibly made it newsworthy, other than the network's desire to take a gratuitous shot at Palin?

PS: ironically, the next scroll item noted that ratings for this week's Dancing With the Stars finale were up 25% over last year.  GMA didn't bother to mention what caused the heightened public interest.

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