Schultz Slurs Allen West: 'Ignorant'

Pot calling the kettle clueless . . .

On his MSNBC show this evening, Ed Schultz twice called newly-elected Republican congressman Allen West  "ignorant."  For good measure, Schultz said West "didn't have a clue."

Schultz was incensed that West had observed that Washington, DC--home of big government--was relatively immune to the economic woes that have befallen the rest of the country.  View video after the jump.

By interesting coincidence, I had occasion to overfly Leesburg, VA in the DC suburbs this past weekend, and for the first time saw what McMansions look like [see photo I snapped after break].   Now why would Loudoun County, Virginia have the highest per-capita income in the country? Steel mills?

Watch Schultz slur a rising Republican star.

ED SCHULTZ: We saved a really turkey for you, just before Thanksgiving. The bigoted, Islamophobic, Congressman-elect Allen West of Florida.  This guy's got a history of offensive, ignorant statements.  Last Sunday on Meet The Press, well, once again showed us he doesn't have a clue what the heck he's talking about . . . Saying that Washington, DC is immune to lay-offs and foreclosures is ignorant psycho-talk.

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