Sly Scarborough Shot At Olbermann Over Sarah?

Gee, I wonder which "cable news show" Joe had in mind . . .

In a seeming shot at Keith Olbermann, Joe Scarborough has predicted that "certain cable news shows" will stir up a "fake controversy" tonight over whether Sarah Palin was booed on Dancing With The Stars [she wasn't].

Here's the background: Bristol Palin performed on DWTS last night, and Sarah was there in the front row to support her.  Jennifer Grey [of Dirty Dancing fame] also competed last night.  Her backers in the audience began to boo when her scores, which they judged to be too low, were announced. That happened just before the show cut to an interview with Sarah Palin.  Some have tried to suggest that the audience was booing Palin.  But the crowd in fact cheered when Sarah appeared, and as Willie Geist said "my staff and I have studied the tape.  They were not booing [Palin]."

That served as preamble to Joe's prediction . . .

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You watch this happen.  You watch. You watch on certain cable news shows.


SCARBOROUGH: Seriously: you just watch. Fake controversy at its best.

Check out Mika's body language.  She clearly doesn't want Joe venturing out into MSNBC's internal-politics minefield, where Olbermann's best-among-the-also-rans ratings make him a powerful player.

Note: speaking of Olbermann, Lawrence O'Donnell's new MSNBC show debuted last night.  I'm counting on Crazy Larry to provide some good manic moments between now and election day.  At the very least, I figured the show would be an Olbermann-free zone.  But: argh!  During last night's debut there was Olbermann droning on during two segments.  Miss Precious Perfect marking her territory?

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