Barnicle: Christine Can't Win 'Cause She's 'Crazy'

The trashing of Christine O'Donnell continues.  Two days after Karl Rove took to the air to scald his party's newly-nominated candidate, Mike Barnicle has declared that O'Donnell won't win because she's not merely "different," but "crazy."

On today's Morning Joe, the former Boston Globe columnist fumbled and fumfered when asked to back up his allegation with facts.  And speaking of facts, Barnicle had his badly wrong when it came to the number of votes O'Donnell won in the primary.  But that didn't stop him from slurring the Delaware Republican.

Watch as Barnicle goes into stutter mode when asked to support his assertion.

Note: Barnicle claimed O'Donnell had garnered "only 24,000 votes" in the Delaware primary election.  Hey, he was only off by a factor of 25%+.  Not bad for the MSM.

PAT BUCHANAN: We are now 24, 48 hours later. She has had a sensational kick-off.  She's controversial; all these people are rushing to her defense because she's sort of been martyred by Rove and the neo-cons. There's an enormous boost here: you've only got seven weeks left in the campaign!

MIKE BARNICLE: Here's her [problem] --

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You say "martyred."  Rove didn't martyr her: he told the truth about her history.

BARNICLE: Here's her problem.

BUCHANAN:  Look: I know a lot of truths about Republicans. Why would I go on the air now and start trashing them?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Umm, so that better ones emerge?

BARNICLE: A. She only got 24,000 votes. All right?  She got very few votes in a very small turn-out Republican primary. The other problem, the larger problem she has, I would submit, is this: that "different" this year, for a candidate, is good.  People are looking for "different" this year.  "Crazy" is not good.

MARK HALPERIN: She's not coming across as crazy.


HALPERIN: I'm not so sure.

BARNICLE: She will.  She will.  She will because of uh, eh, uh, eh.  It's just my --

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