Bill Press: On Election Night Boehner Office Will Be 'Morgue,' Pelosi's A 'Party'

September 1st, 2010 9:15 PM

Gallup might be seeing an historic spread in the Republicans' favor, and even Mark Halperin is predicting GOP gains of as many as 60 seats. But amidst all the Dem panic and gnashing of teeth, the Pelosi party can still count on one true believer: Bill Press.

Former California Dem chairman Press has predicted that when results come in on Election Night, GOP leader John Boehner's office will be a "morgue," while Pelosi's place while Pelosi's place is "where the party's going to be."

Press proferred his hyper-optimistic prediction on this evening's Ed Show, reacting to the report that Ohio talk radio host Bill Cunningham will be broadcasting from Boehner's office on Election Night.  For good measure, Press—ironically no fan of the First Amendment, apparently—expressed disappointment that it was legal for Cunningham to do so.

Let's make sure Press's prediction is duly noted.  See you on November 2nd, Bill.

ED SCHULTZ: Bill Cunningham, radio talk show host out of Ohio, who's a severe righty, is saying that he is going to be broadcasting from The Tan Man's--John Boehner's--office on Election Night.

BILL PRESS: Well first of all, I checked. It is legal, in the House, for members can allow broadcasters to broadcast from their offices, I'm sorry, I'm sorry to say . . . But I've got to tell you, Ed, so it's legal to be there, but if I were Bill Cunningham I'd stay home. Because once the results come in, it's going to be like a morgue in Boehner's office. You and I, you and I ought to broadcast, Ed, you and I ought to broadcast from Nancy Pelosi's balcony.  That's where the party's going to be.

Check the mirthful reaction of GOP strategist John Feehery. Even Ed had to chuckle at Press's prediction.