Pelley's Pathetic Puffball: Mosque Developer Didn't Have Choice Of Where To Put It

Could Scott Pelley possibly be this naive, or was he willingly playing the role of MSM cheerleader for the developer of the Ground Zero Mosque?

In the course of a chummy interview of GZM developer Sharif El-Gamal aired on Sunday's 60 Minutes, Pelley produced a pearl.  Instead of asking a probing question, the CBS "reporter" served as an advocate for El-Gamal's position when it came to the siting of the mosque.

Pelley, on his own initiative, asserted:

"You don't have your choice of putting this anywhere you want to. There aren't many spots."

Right.  Not many.  Only tens of thousands of commercial sites in Manhattan.  The mosque men didn't want to put it near Ground Zero.  Pure coincidence, I tell ya.  They were virtually forced to site it there by the vicissitudes of the merciless real estate market.

Hard-hitting stuff, Scott.  Mike Wallace is surely proud.

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