Stephanie Miller Fantasizes Drunks With Baseball Bats Beating O'Reilly, Beck, Geraldo

What is it with liberals and their violent fantasies? The Journolist has given us a public radio producer imagining herself laughing with glee as Rush dies a painful death, while other members want their political enemies thrown through plate-glass windows.

This evening brings us "comedian" and liberal radio talk show host Stephanie Miller fantasizing about Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Geraldo Rivera being beaten with baseball bats by drunken Yankee fans.  Miller was a guest on Ed Schultz's week-ending "Club Ed" segment.

ED SCHULTZ: Speaking of sports, O'Reilly, Beck and Geraldo go to a Yankees game this weekend and somehow they ended up in the front row. How in the heck did they ever manage that, Steph?

STEPHANIE MILLER: Ah, Ed. You know if ever there was a time I wish the Yankees would bring back Bat Day, and give a bunch of drunken New Yorkers bats, that would have been the day.

That gave Ed a big belly laugh.

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