Morning Joe Burying Gore Story—Or Sending Subliminal Message?

Which is the bigger story: a few power companies out West have started a pilot program to promote solar panels, or . . . police announce they will investigate allegations of sexual assault against a Nobel prize winner and former Vice-President of the United States?  I'd guess most people would go with 'B.' But when it came time to highlight a story from the front page of today's Oregonian, Morning Joe went with the solar panels and ignored Gore.

I was all set to play this as a plain-vanilla case of the MSM burying unwelcome news for a Dem, when another theory occurred to me: could the Morning Joe folks actually have found a cleverly subversive way of getting the Gore story out there, perhaps against the wishes of their network overlords?

Have a look at the video of the Oregonian front page as Morning Joe displayed it during the "Morning Papers" segment [screencap after the jump].

Yes, Mika Brzezinski speaks only of the solar panel promo. But the camera pays at least as much attention to the other headline: "Portland Police Will Investigate Gore Case."  Of all the stories in all the papers in all the world, why did Morning Joe choose the solar-panel nothing-burger from a smallish regional rag?  Could it have been Mika and/or Joe Scarborough's wily way of alerting viewers to the bad news for Al Gore?  

Maybe someone in the know will give us the inside scoop . . .

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