Echo-Chamber Olbermann Calls 'Idiot-Woman' Palin Coward For Refusing To Come On MSNBC

May 13th, 2010 9:47 PM
If  anyone in the liberal media has no business calling anyone a coward for refusing to take on people with opposing opinions, it's Keith Olbermann.  The fragile Countdown host is so defensive about his policy of inviting only yes-people on his show that, as noted here, he recently devoted an MSNBC promo to lamely explaining away his Bert Lahr imitation.

But that didn't stop Olbermann on this evening's Countdown from pummeling Sarah Palin for declining to come on MSNBC. For good measure, the vulgarist variously referred to the former vice-presidential candidate as an "idiot-woman" and twice as an "idiot." Here's how Olbermann teased his attack at the top of the show . . .
KEITH OLBERMANN: Idiot-woman speaks. In front of a big flag, sponsored by a sump-pump company, quote: "somebody told me, you know your [sic] going into enemy territory. I said, it's Chicago, it's not MSNBC." Yah, like you had the courage to come to MSNBC.

Note to Olbermann: when calling someone else an "idiot-woman," avoid misspelling "you're" as "your" in your show graphics [see screencap after the break].

Later, Keith crowned Sarah his Worst Person in the World . . .

OLBERMANN: She continued, "I'm glad to be here on the president's home turf.  Somebody told me 'you know, you're going into enemy territory. I said it's Chicago, it's not MSNBC.' That woman is an idiot.  And the event at which that idiot spoke was sponsored by an Illinois firm that specializes in battery-operated back-up sump pumps. Not just a sump-pump political event: it was a back-up sump-pump political event. Moreover, to put it plainly, and this is a matter of record, that woman does not have the courage, personal or political, to appear on MSNBC. Not without and army with her, and I mean that literally. the half-governor of Alaska now celebrating two years without holding an actual news conference or having the guts to appear on a network like this one.  But the toast of America's back-up sump pump political circuit. Today's Worst Person in the World.
Note: for what it's worth, on two recent episodes of Right Angle, the local TV show I host,  I took on for the full hour a far-left professor and two self-described socialist students.  View webcasts here and here.