Russert Amazed Black Republicans Seek Tea Party Support, A Group Many 'Have Claimed To Be Racist'

Listen to the surprise in Luke Russert's voice as he reports that many African-American Republican candidates for congress are seeking support from the Tea Party.  After all, says Luke, the Tea Party is a group that "a lot of folks have claimed to be racist against African-Americans."

Russert expressed his amazement on MSNBC this morning, discussing a New York Times article that reports that at least 32 black Republicans are running for Congress.

If "a lot of folks" have accused the Tea Party of racism, I'd say many of them come right from the MSM itself.  Luke might as well have pulled a Pauline Kael and said "I can't understand why black Republican candidates are seeking support from the Tea Party.  All my media friends think they're racists!"
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