Reid Goes Shooting While Palin In Town, But GMA Calls Him 'Man In The Cross-Hairs'

March 28th, 2010 10:24 AM

This could do down as one of the more glaring MSM double-standards in recent times . . .

Harry Reid chose the day Sarah Palin was in town to stage a photo-op of himself going shooting. But GMA called Reid the man "in the crosshairs" and as "doing his best not to seem threatened."

Imagine if the tables were turned and on a day Reid visited Wasilla, Palin had publicly chosen to go shooting.  Oh, the MSM wailing and gnashing of teeth about the implied threat!

Excerpt from GMA report:

DAVID WRIGHT: [As highlighted tweet appears on screen] Sarah Palin's message to conservative voters: "don't retreat, instead reload."

Cut to Palin speaking in Searchlight

SARAH PALIN: That's not inciting violence. What's that is doing is trying to inspire people to get involved in their local elections and these upcoming federal elections. It's telling people that their arms are their vote.

WRIGHT: [As footage of Reid shooting rolls] The man in the cross-hairs in Searchlight did his best not to seem threatened.  Harry Reid told reporters all these people came here because the town needs the business.

HARRY REID: I've only spoken with Sarah Palin once. It was a very pleasant conversation and I wish her well.

So the man who goes shooting on the day his political adversary is in town is the one "in the crosshairs"?  And GMA's graphic for the clip of Reid shooting is that the Tea Party "targets" him? The MSM world is truly upside down.