O'Donnell: Thou Shalt Not Interrupt The Messiah

March 17th, 2010 9:47 PM

When did Larry O'Donnell rip the "Question Authority" bumper sticker off his old Volkswagen van?

Liberals normally love to celebrate those who "speak truth to power." But Larry O'Donnell is bent out of shape that Fox News' Bret Baier had the chutzpah to challenge and, yes, interrupt, Pres. Obama when interviewing him today about ObamaCare.  Larry displayed his sudden deference to high-office on this evening's Countdown, subbing for Keith Olbermann.

Amusingly, one of my liberal faves declined to subscribe to Larry's script . . .

Sniffed O'Donnell: "most news organizations as I've said tend to defer to the office of the president in matters of conversational decorum." You can view the entire Baier/Obama interview here.  Judge for yourself.  I'd say that while the Special Report host challenged Barack the man, he never showed disrespect for the office.  

O'Donnell was presumably expecting Chris Hayes to share his umbrage at Baier's lèse majesté.  But to his credit, The Nation editor demurred: "I actually think that's great. I think that people in power should be pesterd and hectored a little bit and asked to answer uncomfortable questions."  Kudos, Chris.
Meanwhile, perhaps Pres. Obama should consider O'Donnell—he of the exquisite sensibilities—to fill Desiree Rogers' old slot as Social Secretary.