Circulation Dropping, 'The Nation' Recycles Bush-Bashing

She'd never admit it, but if there's one person secretly hoping for a big Republican victory in 2010 and, yes, a President Palin in 2013, it could be . . . Katrina vanden Heuvel.  That's right, the editor of The Nation might well be looking at GOP success as her best shot at salvaging the sinking fortunes of her far-left magazine.

A recent article in Vanity Fair—which no one would accuse shilling for the right—is entitled: Hate Sells: Why Liberal Magazines Are Suffering Under Obama.  It details how circulation at The Nation has been dropping significantly since Pres. Obama took office.   I was prompted to research the magazine's numbers when, watching Larry O'Donnell guest-hosting Countdown this evening, a Nation commercial appeared that consisted largely of a trip down liberal nostalgia lane: Bush bashing . . .

I'd encourage readers to view the video of the entire ad.  Excerpts:

"The reign of ignorance is over: brains is [sic] back in the White House, and so is the weekly journal which predicted the entire Bush debacle from Day One . . . Don't delay: look where not reading The Nation got him [as image of W appears].

All we can say is: welcome to the team, Katrina!

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