CNN's 'Non-Partisan' Brown Airs Hit Piece On Bunning


"Campbell Brown  . . . the only non-partisan cable news anchor at 8 pm." -- CNN description of Campbell Brown

"Non-partisan": right.  The hit that Brown, with help from reporter Dana Bash, put on Jim Bunning this evening was worthy of that hyper-partisan guy over at MSNBC in the 8 PM ET slot.

Bash first narrated a classic of the liberal media genre: an anecdotal story of someone allegedly hurt by hard-hearted Republican policies.   Bash claimed that "in the real world," Bunning's position is having a "devastating effect" on people like single mother Madonna Alvarez.

It got worse . . .

Note the graphic at the end of the clip: the extension of welfare benefits is nothing less than a "lifeline." Brown snidely warns that we might expect  "a repeat performance from the always unpredictable Sen. Bunning."  Get it?  He's craz-e-e-e-e!

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