Blizzard of Lies: Debunking The Warm-Air-Holds-More-Moisture Defense

Update: Rush cites this article to rip global warmist hypocrisy.  On today's show, Rush Limbaugh cited NewsBusters and read from this article to demonstrate the global warmists' hypocrisy: "when there is less snow, they say it's because of global warming. When there is more snow, they say it's because of global warming.  Now you cannot have it both ways."  Rush played several clips of Dem senators in recent years attributing the lack of snow to global warming. Listen to Rush cite NewsBusters and blast the warmists here.


By now, we're all familiar with the global warmists' attempt to explain away the record-breaking mid-Atlantic blizzards.  Take this, for example, from the New York Times [emphasis added]:

"government and academic studies had consistently predicted an increasing frequency of just these kinds of record-setting storms, because warmer air carries more moisture."
So more snow fell from Philly to DC because the temperatures were warmer than normal during the blizzards?  That got me wondering: just what were the temperatures in DC on the snow days, and how do they compare to the norm?  And guess what?

DC has been hit by three major snowstorms this winter: 16.4 inches on December 18–19, 18.0 inches on February 5–6, and about 12 inches on February 10.

Let's compare DC's actual temps with normal temps for those days.

Date     Normal Avg. DC Temp.    Actual Average DC Temp

Dec. 18        39                                    30.8
Dec. 19        39                                    26.3
Feb. 5          36                                    34.8
Feb. 6          36                                    27.4
Feb. 10        37                                    25.9

Normal average temp: 37.40
Actual average temp: 29.04

Bottom line: the temperature was colder than average on every one of the snow days.  On average the snow days were about eight degrees colder than normal.  

To spin these facts as proof that the blizzards are evidence of global warming because "warm air holds more moisture" is bunk.

Will the MSM note this little analysis?
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