Mitchell Mocks Palin's Hand Notes

Scratching my head, wondering if I can remember a so-called correspondent so openly mocking a major political figure . . .

On Morning Joe, NBC "correspondent" Andrea Mitchell ridiculed Sarah Palin's use of hand notes during her Tea Party Q. and A. by displaying some hand notes of her own . . .

ANDREA MITCHELL: She went after him on the teleprompter issue, you know, we need more, we need somebody who doesn't, I don't remember the exact words, who doesn't use a teleprompter, gives a great speech and uses a teleprompter. Then it was noted by Gawker that she looked down at her hand during the Q. and A. and that on her hand she had written her top three points: energy and budget cuts and optimism.

So I figured I would do the same thing today, just in case the prompter broke. I had, I knew that I was going to be on with Chuck and Mika.  But then I saw Joe that you were over on the Today show, so I figured I had to cross you out and put Chuck in.  It's a great deal: if you can put all your policy pronouncements on your hand.

Does anyone remember the last time Andrea hauled out a teleprompter to tease Pres. Obama?    

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