Oh The Sacrifices Obama Has Made: I Didn't Get Into This For Fame Or Fortune

Poor President Obama.  The sacrifices the man has made.  And remember, he didn't get in this for the title, nor for fame and fortune.  No, he was motivated only by his desire to fight for the issues.

So PBO told Senate Dems at their confab today.  Transcript after the jump.

BARACK OBAMA: I've said this before to this caucus, I just want to say it again. For me, it is constantly important to remind myself why I got into this business in the first place; why I'm willing to be away from my family for big stretches at a time, the financial sacrifices that so many of you have made, being subject to criticism constantly. You don't get in this for the fame. You don't get in it for the title. You get in it because somewhere in your background at some point in time you decided there was an issue that was so important that you were willing to stand up and be counted.

Note how Pres. Obama shifts from the first to the third person when it comes to finances.  He begins by talking about his reasons for getting into politics and speaks of the sacrifice he makes in being away from his family.  But when it gets to bucks, he can't quite bring himself to claim that he is taking a hit by being president, so suddenly shifts to the financial sacrifices that "so many of you have made."  

In any case, the simultaneously heroic yet self-pitying portrait PBO paints of himself is revealing.  Will the MSM highlight his vainglorious remarks?

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