Shuster Shouts At Supporter Of Tebow Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

David Shuster has left no doubt on what side he comes down in the debate over the planned airing of a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl.  Sponsored by Focus on the Family, the ad tells the story of how Pam Tebow ignored medical advice to have an abortion, and instead gave birth to Tim, who of course went on to become a legendary college football player and inspiration to millions for his faith and character.

On MSNBC this afternoon, Shuster hosted a segment on the issue bringing together Charmaine Yoest, head of Americans United for Life and Erin Matson of NOW.  Dr. Yoest was no more than a few seconds into her defense of the ad when Shuster began shouting at her.

It was NOW/Shuster united against Yoest, but she handled it as deftly as, well, a Gator receiver beating a double-team to catch a TD pass from . . . Tim Tebow.

CHARMAINE YOEST: Don't you think it's fascinating that NOW is trying to censor the Tebows from telling their story, I mean --

DAVID SHUSTER: N-o-o-o-o!!  They're not trying to censor, the Tebows can have a news conference anytime they want!  We're talking about paid advertising for the Super Bowl. CBS has a right to restrict ads in the Super Bowl, as they have done!

NOW "not trying to censor"?  Really, David?  Seconds later the NOW rep said "we continue to demand that they [CBS] take this off the air."

Shuster wasn't done advocating the NOW censorship position, wondering why the ad should run during the Super Bowl "of all places"?  Gee, I don't know: could the fact that it's probably the most-watched TV event of the year have anything to do with it?  

In any case, liberal advocates coming on a Shuster segment know that they'll never walk alone.

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