MSNBC Report: Baucus 'Blasting NewsBusters'

MSNBC reported this afternoon that Max Baucus is "blasting right-wing websites like Drudge and NewsBusters" for suggesting he was drunk on the Senate floor during the health care debate.  See P.J. Gladnick's Bizarre Baucus Behavior on Senate Floor Ignored by MSM.

But MSNBC did the Montana senator no favors:

1. it used his name in the same sentence with a variation on the word "blasted," and
2. what's worse, it played a clip from Baucus', um, tired and emotional floor speech.
View the video and judge for yourself.  

By interesting coincidence, just before MSNBC ran the segment, I posted this item reporting on David Shuster's denunciation of Drudge and "wingnuts" for "smearing" poor Sen. Baucus.

Note: Baucus wasn't blasted, and the parrot wasn't dead: 'e was just restin'.

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