Schultz [16% Of O'Reilly Audience] Mocks Dennis Miller's Ratings

October 30th, 2009 8:10 PM

If you were a cable TV host whose audience size is obliterated by O'Reilly's, buried by Beck's, hammered by Hannity's and slam-dunked by Susteren's, would you really go around mocking someone else's ratings?

Appparently yes, if you're Ed Schultz. The host of the miniscule MSNBC program went out of his way this evening to belittle the ratings of Dennis Miller's radio show . . .

Schultz's snide comment came during his Psycho Talk segment.

ED SCHULTZ: Psycho Talk tonight, let's see, we're one day away from the scariest night of the year, and we've got our very own fear-mongering Hallo-weenie, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He must be really feeling threatened these days, because both houses of the Congress have got a health-care reform bill with a public option.  He's falling back on the old, discredited lies. He went on the very low-rated Dennis Miller radio show the other day.
Actually, Ed, the scariest nights for you are when the TV ratings come out, revealing that not only is your audience a paltry 16% of Bill O'Reilly's, but that you get soundly beaten by the likes of Nancy Grace, Larry King, Anderson Cooper and even Campbell Brown.

Mote, meet beam.