Schultz: 'Left Seriously Considering Dumping Obama'

August 18th, 2009 9:09 PM

If Napoleon was right about not interfering with an [in this case political] enemy in the process of destroying itself, this could be a time for Republicans to lay low. According to Ed Schultz, the left could be on the verge of an anti-Obama crack-up.

On his MSNBC show this evening, Schultz said to the face of a senior admin official that the left is seriously considering dumping support for the president.

Schultz's guest was reporter-turned-Obama-spokesman Linda Douglass.  The point of Schultz's exercise was to hold Obama's feet to the fire for the way the prez is furiously backpedaling away from his pledge that any health care bill "must" contain a public option.

An agitated Schultz conducted this exchange.

LINDA DOUGLASS: The Democrats are much more unified than the picture you're painting, I think, Ed.

ED SCHULTZ: I hope so.

DOUGLASS: Wanting to coalesce around these principles of lowering costs, expanding coverage, assuring quality, affordable options, protections from the insurance industry. Democrats are absolutely united on these principles.

SCHULTZ: They're not! I've got to challenge you on that. The Democrats are not united! You have a major division here in the Democratic party. The righties aren't causing this. The Democrats, and they're breaking off into different factions here. They're causing this problem.  And the president can't seem to get all of his people on the same page after getting a mandate and winning nine Bush states!  You've got the liberal left in this country that is seriously considering dumping support for Obama!
My two cents say it's a bluff.  Whatever PBO does, Schultz and his sort will eventually come around.  Even fire-breathing leftist Rep. Barbara Lee sounded more conciliatory than Schultz when she subsequently came on.

Still, it's entertaining to sit back and watch the liberal MSM throw a hissy fit.