Schultz: Make Rich Guys Like Cheney Pay For Our Health Care

Support nationalized health care!  Ain't gonna cost you nuthin.  We'll stick rich guys like Dick Cheney with the bill!

That was Ed Schultz's brazen appeal to something-for-nothing class warfare, made on his MSNBC show this evening. Schultz's make-Cheney-pay plea was the subject of his "Op Ed."

View video here.

ED SCHULTZ: Once again, Republicans are lyin'.  Doggone it, we catch 'em every time, don't we?  This time again it's on health care.  They're trying to scare the American people on health care reform. They're saying your taxes are going to be going up. Well that's only half true. You see, the Democrats want a surtax to pay for health care.  That would affect 1.2% of the population who earn money in this country.

That's right: 1.2%, the richest Americans, would pay more. Now, by my math, 98.8% of Americans would not have to pay an additional dime. Now, the highest surtax would be 5.4%. That would be paid by people making over $1 million a year.  You know, people like Dick Cheney, George Bush, Paris Hilton. Maybe the guys who were playing in the All-Star game last night, they're going to have to pay more, the Hollywood crowd, they've been willing to pay more all along to get health care.

So the question you need to ask at home tonight folks is: do you really care if Dick Cheney and the rest of that crowd has to pay a little bit more so we can have health care in this country?  The sum total of this is, personally, I don't believe that the American people care if 1.2% of the American people have to pay more so we can get health care in this country.


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