Krugman Accuses Republicans Of 'A Form Of Treason'

Remember the good old days—when dissent was patriotic?  Fuggedaboutit.  Dissent isn't merely unpatriotic now.  It's downright treasonous.  Just ask Paul Krugman.

If, like virtually all House Republicans and a handful of Dems, you don't agree with the likes of Henry Waxman on the need to take radical measures on the climate, you're guilty of . . . "a form of treason."  Treason against the planet, to be precise.

That was Krugman's formulation in his New York Times column of today, Betraying The Planet.

Krugman has obviously drunk deep from the carafe of Al Gore Kool-Aid, writing [emphasis added]:
"We’re facing a clear and present danger to our way of life, perhaps even to civilization itself."
From there, it's an easy hop, skip and jump to branding those who don't go along with Obama-Waxman's economy-wrecking cap-and-tax bill as traitors.  Perhaps Krugman could get Gore to record a re-mix of his famous clip accusing Pres. Bush of having "betrayed" the country.
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