Early Show Displays Obamacized Neda Poster

Obama and Neda: same struggle!

Who says Pres. Obama isn't backing the Iranian uprising strongly enough?  Why, supporters of the struggle have chosen to immortalize Neda, the young student reportedly slain by the current regime, by creating a poster of her in the style of the iconic Obama poster made famous during his presidential campaign.

Might that have been CBS's subliminal message this morning?  Of all the possible posters of the fallen girl who has become the symbol of the Iranian uprising, the Early Show chose the one displayed here in the unmistakeable style Shepard Fairey used to create his Obama poster [displayed after the break].

CBS reporter Richard Roth implied that CBS had discovered the Obamacized poster of Neda on the internet, and that may well be true.  But surely there were any number of posters CBS might have displayed. That it chose this one was surely no coincidence.

Here's the video of Richard Roth's report which contained the image.

Shepard Fairey Obama Poster


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