Schultz: Palin 'Nothing But Political Slime'

David Letterman "jokes" about Sarah Palin's teenage daughter having sex with A-Rod during a baseball game.  For good measure he suggests the daughter would be of interest to Eliot Spitzer, infamous for soliciting a prostitute.

If Ed Schultz condemned Letterman, I missed it.

But let Sarah Palin's acceptance of Letterman's belated apology include thanks to the US military for making freedom of speech possible for all Americans, and Schultz condems Palin as "nothing but political slime."

Yes, that's precisely what the MSNBC host called Palin on his show tonight . . .

From the show intro:

ED SCHULTZ: David Letterman apologizes again [N.B.: because the first apology was so lame] to Sarah Palin. She turns it into a shameless political play.  This woman is nothing but political slime.

Note: It's been quite the day for Schultz in the slander department.   Earlier on Morning Joe, he declared emphatically that Dick Cheney "absolutely" wants Americans to die in terrorist attacks.  The ratings-deprived MSNBC host has apparently decided not to let anyone beat him to the bottom of the barrel.

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