Mika Got Mugged

If the definition of a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged, look for Mika Brzezinski to start sounding like Pat Buchanan. The big news on Morning Joe today is that Mika got mugged.  Not mugged by reality.  Mugged mugged.  The MJ co-host was outside her Washington, DC hotel early this morning, waiting for the car to take her to the studio, when a man approached and told her to give him $20 "and you won't get hurt."  Mika gave him everything she had–$6–and the man went away.

Mika didn't want the news to be mentioned, but Joe Scarborough insisted.  Brzezinski was ever the good trouper, repeatedly insisting everything was fine and suggesting the panel move on to other matters. But Scarborough was furious that the hotel, pointedly unnamed but apparently prominent, provided no security for a guest waiting right outside its doors.

Mika's conversion to conservativsm apparently hasn't quite kicked in yet, as she actually made excuses for her attacker: "he just probably needed the money" and "these are desperate times." Joe was in a much less forgiving mood, saying his and Buchanan's response would have been "yes, I've got $20 for all of you" quoting Bernie Goetz just before he famously shot the men attempting to mug him in a NYC subway years ago.  Buchanan added the Goetz classic: "here's another."

We're thankful Mika was unharmed, and salute the Morning Joer's moxie.

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