Dodge City: Evasive Hillary Aide Frustrates Gregory

Whoever had the brilliant idea of making Capricia Marshall a guest on MSNBC's "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" last night was probably hiding from host David Gregory when the show ended.  Marshall turned out to be the least forthcoming guest I have ever seen on a political talk show.  The aide to Hillary Clinton put up a smiling stonewall that would make G. Gordon Liddy—who chose a stiff prison sentence over Watergate stool-pigeonhood—proud.

Marshall is the director of Hillary Clinton's political action committee, Hillpac, and former social secretary in the Clinton White House.  Gregory had her on in the clear expectation that she would dish on Hillary's prospective appointment as Secretary of State.  But Capricia was tighter than the proverbial clam.  Try as Gregory might, Marshall wouldn't give up the smallest shadow of a hint of a scrap of a tidbit about anything of interest.  Her big revelation? She's excited about the inauguration.  Gag Gregory with an NBC "Yes We Can!" commemorative Obama-campaign DVD.

As you'll see, after butting his head fruitlessly against his guest's stone wall for a few minutes, Gregory cut things off with the bare, if understandable, minimum of civility.  The producer who put Marshall on the air might still be holed up in an MSNBC cupboard.  But why did Marshall accept the invitation, surely knowing what the subject matter would be, and given her intention to say absolutely nothing?

A sampling of Marshall mushiness:

  • I  have to say, David, that I'm really excited to be here this evening with you, but I'm going to allow the statements and the comments of Senator Clinton, those that she has made in the last couple of weeks, stand, and all the speculation that she has addressed, stand as is.  I really don't have anything to add about all of that.
  • Well, I would be speculating myself, and I just don't know.
  • What I'm excited about is the inauguration that's coming up and the transition that's coming up and that's taking place right now on Pennsylvania Avenue here in Washington, DC. It's a very exciting time, and I'm so excited about being a part of those activities, moving forward.
  • I certainly don't want to frustrate you David, because you're being so kind to me right now, but I just really don't feel like speculating about where a movement should go, or how the movement should go about Senator Clinton.  She's an extraordinary person, and so whatever decision she makes, we will all support fully.

Thanks for nuttin, Capricia!

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