Scarborough-Holbrooke Tension Convention

Let's take a break from the tedious MSM spin on the latest polls, and settle back and enjoy the televised spectacle of two people who patently dislike each other going at it on live national TV.

Former UN Ambassador/current Obama backer Richard Holbrooke was a guest on today's Morning Joe.  Observing Holbrooke over the years, he's struck me as someone with, shall we say, a deep and abiding appreciation for his own acumen and importance.

Holbrooke and host Joe Scarborough repeatedly clashed over a host of issues from Biden's latest gaffe to Osama Bin Laden. But beyond the substance, it was the unvarnished animosity between the two that makes this must-see TV.

View video here.

Let's hear from readers with their favorite moment from this match that, if perhaps not quite steel-cage worthy, exuded a level of mutual antipathy rare for these televised parlor games.

By the way, the screencap shows the insincere kiss-and-make-up handshake the two exchanged at interview's end.  We'll have to check with Joe to see if he might have been palming one of those prank buzzers.

Holbrooke on Soros Payroll?

Looks that way.  Holbrooke works for Perseus LLC, which as Little Green Footballs has uncovered, clearly seems to be a Soros entity.

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