Maher 'Jokes' About Palin Being Shot As Reincarnated Wolf

H/t reader Harry S.  Imagine that a prominent media conservative jokingly hoped, in any way shape or form, that a member of the Dem presidential ticket would be shot.  How long until the MSM and various others demanded he be fired, a Secret Service investigation launched, etc?

But when Bill Maher jokes about Sarah Palin being shot? Silence, except for the raucous laughter of the studio crowd.  Maher offered up his violent fantasy on this past Friday's "Real Time" on HBO in the "Exit Strategy" segment, devoted to exploring foreign countries to which people might consider moving in the event of a McCain victory.  India was the subject of the week, which led to Maher's invocation of recincarnation, and his "hope" for how Sarah Palin would come back . . . .

BILL MAHER: Above all, India is a land of spiritual renewal, where many believe in recincarnation.  And if there is such a thing as karma, let's hope that Sarah Palin comes back as a wolf being shot from a plane.

This is what passes for humor on the left.  Again, imagine a conservative saying something similar about a member of the Dem ticket, and the outrage that would instantly ensue.

Note:  Not long after I embedded the YouTube of the segment here, it was yanked from YouTube with a note indicating an issue of HBO copyright infringement.

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