Williams Hides Behind Pantsuits to Take 'Who's Minding Baby?' Shot

It's not shaping up to be a big Brian Williams Fan Club day for me here at NB.  Earlier, I noted how the Nightly News anchor seemed to suggest Sarah Palin was playing the race card.  Here I am again, back on the Brian beat.  Interviewing former GOP governor of Massachusetts Jane Swift at the top of MSNBC's 1 PM EDT hour, Williams hid behind unnamed feminists to make the "who's looking after baby?" charge against Sarah Palin.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Are the women who consider themselves feminists, and are perhaps working women with several children, are they wrong when they express fears or doubts that she should be able to do this, that she should be doing this?

Swift, who gave birth to twins while serving as governor, made quick work of Williams' question. FWIW, I hadn't seen Swift in action before and found her impressive

View video here.

JANE SWIFT: Well, I think what is wrong, we don't ask guys that question. It is not wrong for her to make choices for how she wants to meet her dual roles as a mother and as a vice-president. Seems to me what we saw last night is that she's handled it very well as she's gotten involved in politics and worked her way up to be the most popular governor in America, and let's judge her on her performance.

If Williams wants to take these snide shots, shouldn't he have the courage to do so in his own name, rather than hiding behind feminist pantsuits?

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