New Victorians of the MSM: Palin's Daughter Having Child 'Out-of-Wedlock'

Be grateful for small things.  Ann Curry didn't call Bristol Palin's baby "illegitimate" or a "bastard."  She settled for "out-of-wedlock."  Now in fairness, NBC's Curry was in theory listing things for which people might feel sympathy for Sarah Palin, including her own Down syndrome child.

But in doing so, speaking with Keith Olbermann during MSNBC's RNC coverage this evening, Curry said the following.
ANN CURRY: She has a child who is having a child out of wedlock.

View video here.

Out of wedlock?  How ineffably Victorian.  When's the last time Ann Curry used that phrase?  When's the last time you heard any MSMer use that phrase? Isn't the approved term "courageous single mother"? For that matter, by the time Bristol gives birth, she will presumably be married to the child's father. As a technical matter, whenever the baby was conceived, isn't Bristol "having" the child "in wedlock"?

Note: Bonus points to Ann for that classic convention pose of the reporter holding the headset to the ear to hear above the background noise.

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