Olbermann Sneers at Thompson Speech

Reviewing speeches at the Dem convention, Keith Olbermann was like a mother describing her child's performance in a middle-school musical.  "A grand slam across the street," enthused Olbermann over Hillary's effort, only to outdo himself by calling Obama's speech's "spellbinding" and "extraordinary."

But when it came to reviewing Fred Thompson's speech tonight at the GOP convention, Olbermann suddenly morphed into Frank Rich with a migraine back in his theater critic days.

Sniffed Olbermann: "We have heard two speeches in the last forty minutes or so, Chris, first from President Bush and now from former Senator Fred Thompson. I think it's fair to say, nearly entirely militaristic in nature and touching to some degree on who John McCain is and what he would do, but mostly standing him next to a flag and a gun."

View video here.

Matthews was more generous, calling the speech "very effective." Pat Buchanan was yet more enthusiastic, calling the speech "terrific" and a "barnburner" and declaring a "tremendous opening night for the Republican party."

Should be interesting to see what Olbermann comes up with for Sarah Palin's speech--if he can be heard over what I imagine will be some rolling thunder in the convention hall.

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