ABC: Palin Pregnancy a 'Damaging Revelation'

Bristol Palin's pregnancy is a "damaging revelation " that has caused Sarah Palin's image to "suffer." Says who? Says ABC News, in an article by Rick Klein and Jennifer Parker.

In Palin Pregnancy Rocks Political World, Klein and Parker report reaction from a variety of Republican and traditional-values sources.  Every one, from Dr. James Dobson to Grover Norquist to Chuck Donovan of the Family Research Council to a pro-life delegate to the GOP convention who said "the fact that her daughter's keeping it and marrying the father is wonderful," had a positive reaction.

But what do they know?  Declare Klein and Parker [emphasis added]:

Palin's image may suffer further if more damaging revelations come out in the coming days and weeks.
Just what is "damaging" about the revelation?  ABC doesn't really say, other than to assert that "the pregnancy raises complicated questions for conservative voters regarding issues of teenage sexual activity. And -- perhaps more troubling for the McCain-Palin ticket -- the revelation comes during a critical period where voters are just beginning period where voters are just beginning to learn about Palin and her family."

What's so "complicated"?  Yes, teenagers have sex, including children of the prominent and pro-life.  Does ABC mean to imply that Sarah Palin is poor mother?  Bristol Palin [seen at far left in photo, holding brother Trig] is keeping the baby and marrying the father.  Shouldn't we be celebrating those choices and the mother who instilled the values they reflect? 

(Photo: John Gress /Reuters)

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