Age Card? Obama Campaign Won't Let McCain 'Wander Around' FL, MI

Dirty pool?

Just a few days ago, Barack Obama scoffed at the suggestion he was playing the age card when he accused John McCain of "losing his bearings." But check out the way the Obama campaign has now chosen to declare that it wouldn't leave the playing field in Michigan and Florida to its Republican opponent:

"We're not going to let John McCain wander around in those states unchallenged anymore."
Wander around? Like the nice ol' feller found ambling down the street in his bathrobe who has to be gently led back home?

Once an aberration, twice a trend. And to make an, uh, even threesome, let's throw in Obama's signature praise of McCain for his "half-century of service."

Will the MSM take note? Not that McCain would, but imagine if he were to invoke Obama's race in similarly subtle terms. I'd say the liberal media would be in an uproar.
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