ABC's Wright Hits Hillary on 'Decorum' Deficit

Q: Since when does an MSMer care about "decorum"?

A: Since it can be used to take a shot at the woman who would deprive his guy of the Dem nomination.

ABC's David Wright is a devoted Obama fan, as NewsBusters has noted here, here and here. Discussing on today's GMA Hillary's foray into a working-class Indiana bar over the weekend, Wright not only faulted Hillary for her lack of decorum, but even managed to work some class warfare into the mix.

View video here.

DAVID WRIGHT: Clinton has also been celebrating Obama's [bitter people cling to guns and religions] gaffe, but not with the decorum you'd expect from the millionaire former First Lady. On Saturday night, she seemed like just another working gal at Bronco's restaurant: chugging beer, eating pizza. She even did a shot of whiskey.

Watch it, Hillary: don't let Wright catch you wearing white before Memorial Day!

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