Hillary Has Raised Only 5% of Pa. TV Airtime Goal

As a loyal Clinton campaign email subscriber, rarely a day goes by that I don't hear from Hillary or Bill. It's good to know they're thinking about me. But today brings some very troubling news: Hillary is WAY behind on her fundraising goal for TV airtime in Pennsylvania. [screencap below page break]

The gist of today's message from Hillary is that we supporters are being given a cafeteria list of PA campaign expenditure needs, and get to designate exactly where we want our contribution to go.

I had been torn between door hangers and yard signs, when I decided to check out some of the other options, and . . . YIKES! As you'll see from the image, the budget for TV airtime in Pennsylvania is $2.5 million, but Hillary has raised only $129,947. That works out to only 5.1% of the goal!

In contrast, you'll be reassured to know that Hillary is doing much better in vans, having raised more than half the $25,000 she needs to rent 250 vans on election day to help get voters to the polls.

Still, the news about the airtime shortfall is distressing. Don't people want to see more of Hillary at 3 AM?

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