'Howard Wolfson's Always Calling Around Threatening People'

Tucker Carlson, on his MSNBC show this evening, describing the Clinton campaign's press relations . . .
TUCKER CARLSON: They're awful to the media: let's be totally blunt. They're awful to the press. They treat the press like enemies. [Clinton Communication Director] Howard Wolfson's always calling around threatening people. Threatening people! News organizations! They do that! People hate you if you do that. I mean, they've earned the enmity of the press, in my view. They have. I mean, it's been hard but they've done it.

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The affable Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post tried to defuse matters, to no avail . . .

EUGENE ROBINSON: They're not the warmest and cuddliest campaign. You know, the Obama campaign has had no history --
Clinton backer Hilary Rosen cut in to chastise Carlson.
HILARY ROSEN: Well that's a grown-up thing, Tucker.

Carslon wasn't to be mollified . . .

CARLSON: Well I don't know. They're the ones who ought to grow up. You report on them, and then they call and threaten you and flip out and lie to you. I mean, all campaigns do that, Republican and Democrat -- everybody does that. But they do it to a greater extent.
ROSEN: No campaign is immune.

CARLSON: I agree, they all do it. McCain, everybody does it. But she does it more; their campaign does it more. And I'm not just saying that for political reasons. I think you ask any garden-variety liberal Democrat reporter -- and they're all liberal Democrats -- and they'll say the same thing. I really believe that.
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