Schumer: 'Of Course' Neither Hillary Nor Obama's Word Is Good

For a guy who's supposedly a savvy pol, Chuck Schumer has sure made a damning admission about the Dem presidential candidates. The senior senator from New York has suggested that their word is worthless.

On today's Meet the Press, Tim Russert quizzed Schumer about the change in heart of the Clinton campaign regarding seating delegates from Michigan. The DNC ruled last year that none of Michigan's delegates would be seated at the convention, in punishment for the state having moved up the date of its primary in violation of party rules. Hillary would now like those delegates to be seated since she "won" the primary -- in which Obama's name wasn't on the ballot.

TIM RUSSERT: Senator Schumer, Senator Clinton said in October "you know it's clear this election they're having in Michigan is not going to count for anything." Is that your position?

CHARLES SCHUMER: Well, no. Here's the bottom line once again, Tim. Each candidate of course takes the position that benefits them at the moment.

On its face, Schumer's cynical statement applied to both Dems. But he was appearing explicitly in support of Hillary Clinton. And as her fellow NY senator, Schumer surely knows her well. So his character evidence is particularly relevant with regard to Hillary. Good to know. Thanks, Chuck!

Note: view here the video of Russert graphically laying out the evidence of how the Clinton campaign has changed its positions on the seating of the delegates.

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